A Winning Strategy

To achieve the best dental health along with a dazzling smile, you need a strategy. If you’re in Timonium, your strategy should be to contact Dr. Steven W. Haywood. Your teeth may seem like pieces of bone growing in your mouth, but they are actually living structures. That hard surface of enamel covers an interior […]

Terrific Tooth Tips From Dr. Steven W. Haywood

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Here are some useful tips dental health from Dr. Steven W. Haywood in Timonium: If you have kids and your municipal water supply does not have the recommended level of fluoride, talk to your pediatrician about fluoride supplements. Fluoride strengthens both the teeth you can see and the ones still forming in the jaw. Set […]

Limit Sugar For Healthier Timonium Kids

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Family Dentist Timonium

Every health-conscious parent knows that sugar is the number one cause of cavities for kids–and plenty of us adults also snack on too many sweet snacks and beverages. Because of cavity risks, low nutritional value, and high calorie content, many parents want to limit the sugar in their children’s diets. Obviously, there is a lot […]

Infant And Toddler Teeth Q&A

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Timonium pediatric dentistry

Are you a new parent wondering how to approach your baby’s dental health? Today’s dental blog post is for you. Here are a few tips to remember: How should I clean my toddler’s teeth? For infants, gently clean their gums with a piece of gauze or soft cloth. The American Dental Association (ADA) does not […]

Protect Timonium Kids’ Teeth With Custom Mouthguards

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Protect Timonium Kids

At Dr. Steven W. Haywood, we see many Timonium children and teens with serious mouth and tooth injuries that could have been prevented had they been wearing a mouthguard. When a tooth is knocked out or broken, speaking, eating, and smiling can become very difficult. I am Steve Haywood and I recommend that parents encourage […]

3 Cavity Fighters For Timonium Kids

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East Bel Air Pediatric and Cosmetic Dentistry

Most East Bel Air parents know children’s oral health basics: brush regularly, reduce sugar intake, limit snacking, and get adequate amounts of calcium and Vitamin D. Dr. Steven W. Haywood recommends three additional tools for preventing cavities in toddlers and children.   Sealants Fluoride supplements Oral rinses Resin dental sealants are applied by your Baltimore […]

Oral Rinses: An Extra Measure Of Protection For Timonium Kids

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Oral Rinses: An Extra Measure Of Tooth Protection For East Bel Air Kids

Hello, I’m Steve Haywood. East Bel Air parents usually know the basics on children’s oral health: limit sugar, make sure they brush and floss regularly, take them to the dentist for twice-yearly exams and cleanings, discourage between-meal snacking, see that they get enough calcium and Vitamin D, etc. Many Maryland parents also give their kids […]