How Do You Measure Dental Success?

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How do you measure “dental success?” A check-up with no cavities? A perfect smile? A crown that looks as natural as the surrounding teeth? It could mean all those things and many more. For a child, dental success could be defined as a childhood free of cavities, learning daily dental health & hygiene practices, and […]

How Much Are Dental Implants In Timonium, Maryland?

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Looking into how much dental implants cost and getting a straight answer can be frustrating. But there is a reason for that. I’m dentist Steve Haywood. Thanks for stopping to read my blog. I know it can be frustrating to look for the cost of getting a dental implant procedure done and finding nothing solid […]

How Dental Implants Are Changing Dentures In Timonium

How Dental Implants are Changing Dentures in Timonium

If you are one of the many Timonium denture wearers, you know that they are not the ideal solution for missing teeth. The problems with dentures include slipping, gum irritation, trouble eating and talking, bone loss, and inability to taste food due to a covered palate. Clearly, dentures do not feel and function like natural […]