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Dentures that snap or lock to implants provide the best fit

The implant-supported denture is the standard of care recognized by the ADA for a lower denture. The retention of the regular superior-quality denture in our office is improved by snapping or locking onto implants placed below the denture. Upper dentures may be locked or snapped onto implants as well, and this will greatly improve the chewing ability in most cases. Sometimes patients with existing dentures may have implants put underneath them, however, in our experience, most denture construction these days is very poor, and the true artists of this craft are disappearing. In our Towson area practice, we often recommend that new dentures be made with proper construction for the best long-term value.

The Cosmetic/ Quality Denture – Turbyfill denture

The art of denture excellence was not common 40 years ago when denture wear was at its peak. There have always been cheap dentures, dentists not trained or skilled in putting out an excellent product and the dissatisfaction and pain that goes hand in hand with all of that. A few denture masters have always strived and achieved incredible comfort, amazingly natural smiles, and a denture that seemingly won't wear out. All of this is no accident.

The branching technique, which is not taught in dental schools, was taught to Dr. Haywood by the world famous Dr. Jack Turbyfill. It goes like this: we make a denture to solve all of your problems first, and then when it is perfect, we make you another one that is finalized and duplicated exactly with the best teeth, the best plastics, and the best lab technicians in the country personally trained by Dr. Turbyfill himself. The denture process takes time and skill. We are experts in solving your difficult denture problems! As an acknowledged leader in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Haywood knows how to make you look good. We take our time with the denture creation process in our Baltimore, Maryland area practice to get our dentures right. Hence, we deliver to you the best denture you have ever worn, and perhaps the last you will ever own.

If you currently wear dentures or soft dentures that do not fit and live in Baltimore, Towson, or surrounding area, contact us to discover a whole new experience. False teeth designed by Dr. Haywood in our Baltimore, MD area practice not only look natural, but also are high functioning. Bring us your problem dentures!!! It takes experience and skill in this dying art to solve those pesky problems. Isn’t it about time you have great fitting dentures or even Implants for that matter? Have us make you a quality denture. Finally have the comfortable denture you deserve.

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