What Our Patients Say

Full mouth esthetic makeover

patient_john_thumb“I traveled to doctor Haywood from my hometown because I did not feel that my work could be handled by a “regular dentist”. I came in with every tooth in my mouth broken, patched, and filled. It was a I know a few people that have gotten work from Dr. Haywood and when I met him I knew he was “the Guy”! I have been thrilled with my new smile. I get compliments everywhere I travel and I am loving it. Thanks Doc.” .

– John

Instant orthodontics with veneers

patient_greg_thumb“My teeth were very crooked and I wanted a better smile. I had seen Dr. Haywood in a magazine and decided to see what could be done. I chose veneers and some minor cosmetic gum surgery because I really did not want braces in my 20s! The results speak for themselves. I would recommend Dr. Haywood to anyone who wants a excellence and a fantastic smile.”

– Greg

“After many years smiling is finally coming naturally. I have had dental issues and missing teeth for years. I tried Dentures and hated them. I discarded them and lived life without my teeth learning to hide my smile with my hand. As a professional singer I knew that my smile was not as it should be, however, dentures were not an option and I did not think anything else could be done. Having missing teeth affected not only my self-esteem but my ability to eat properly. After a while I knew I had to do something. I had heard that there were amazing things that could be done to restore teeth. When I had my consultation with Dr. Haywood and realized I could get implants and that they would be just like my natural teeth, I signed up immediately. After only a few painless visits, I had a smile like never before. It’s hard to believe sometimes that I actually have teeth that look great and that I don’t have to put my hand up to my mouth when I smile or laugh. Dr. Haywood and his team are extremely professional and compassionate and I would recommend them to anyone.”

– Robert Soprano

“I am a man who has always taken very meticulous care of his teeth. When I was a child I had very soft teeth. I dreaded going to the dentist because of the number of cavities he always found. When I had 15 cavities filled in one visit, I swore off all sweets and other things that could cause cavities and flossed and brushed with diligence. Still, on my next visit to the dentist he found 12 more. I was told that my teeth would harden when I was 21. Sure enough they did. However, I was just as careful about flossing and brushing because I had a mouthful of fillings to remind me. Though the cavities stopped, my dental issues continued. I have always been into sports hardcore.

Three times I had the same tooth knocked out and then an accident took it and another. Between the fillings, bridge and stains, my teeth were admittedly a mess. They looked worn, miss-matched and discolored. Besides taking good care of them such as they were, I never thought about actually fixing them. In my mind they were functional and served their purpose. It was my wife that finally asked me to get them fixed. After going through 17 surgeries due to other injuries, I did not relish going through another one. However, I couldn’t avoid that they were getting worse as time passed so I agreed to find someone that could tackle my problem. Although I had a regular dentist, I knew that this would require a cosmetic and reconstructive specialist. We did our research and ended up at Dr. Haywood’s.

My anxiety was put to rest in one visit. Besides the professionalism of he and his entire staff, their attention to my comfort and well-being was remarkable. Each person there especially Bob the hygienist, Chamarr the client coordinator, and Marion the assistant, treated me with great courtesy and care. They were very much a team and I was impressed by the way everyone worked together. After a thorough consultation with Dr. Haywood, he began to prepare a treatment plan for my case. He gave me a couple of options, or ways we could approach this. After seeing his attention to every detail and how careful he was at considering my every need, I signed up for the full restoration he recommended. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that if I didn’t do all he suggested it would mean more to deal with later.

I only asked that he would make sure my teeth looked natural. That was one of the main reasons I chose him to do my work. I could tell from the pictures of previous work he had done and from the computer imaging that was done of my own teeth, that he treated each case like a work of art and each was unique. Just as important to me was that from the first procedure to the last I got to sleep while he worked. I was given a couple of little blue pills and just napped through most of my visits. I had quite a bit of work done. I had most of my teeth veneered top and bottom, received an implant to replace my lost teeth, and had the rest of the teeth capped so that they would all match and be even. When I realized that he was a perfectionist, was when a couple of the teeth that he had custom crafted arrived and he refused to put them in.

Though it meant more time and more visits, he told me he refused to do anything that wasn’t to his strictest standards. To me they looked fine. Still, though he was apologetic for making me have to come back again, he asked me to wait until everything was done to his exact specifications before he placed them in my mouth. I reluctantly agreed, and though it took a bit longer I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. He didn’t just meet my expectations, he far exceeded them. It was all more than worth it in the end. Besides, I got to sleep through it all, so I hardly remember a thing. I don’t even remember having any discomfort at all even afterwards. It was all very simple. Now looking at past pictures I can’t believe I waited so long to do something about my teeth. I had just grown used to them I guess, and I think fear also kept me in denial. Now I actually get compliments on my teeth. I enjoy smiling more than ever. The only problem is that since I have had this done, I notice everyone’s teeth. I can’t imagine how anyone could not care about the way their teeth look. I’m only 63 but I now know that I wish I would have done this sooner. At least I have the peace of mind that I can enjoy a healthier, stronger, and great looking smile for the rest of my life. My wife is pretty thrilled also. In fact we recommend patients to him all the time.”

– T.S.

Full Upper Implant

patient_eds_thumb“I came in to see Dr. Haywood knowing I would have all of my teeth pulled. They were terrible and it was not worth fixing them. I was interested in what implants would do for me. It was time for a change! Even I find it hard to believe that these are not my real teeth. They look great and I feel and look younger and I can eat anything I want to with no trouble. Great work!”

– Ed’s

TMJ Treatment – Crowns

patient_lutz_thumb“I teach at a bible college and met Dr. Haywood at the church we both attend. My teeth never had decay yet I broke off virtually everyone of them with my grinding habit. I’ve done it for years and my teeth were all but gone! After setting my bite in the right position, Dr. Haywood was able to create a new set of teeth for me to try out and, when they were comfortable to me, I was able to get my new crowns made. The work took about 9 months and I have never felt better or smiled more. Thanks Dr. Steve.”

– Pastor Lutz