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Did you know that your teeth are often the first thing people notice about you? At the Center for Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we want your smile to send the right message, and you can with fabulous porcelain veneers. Don’t let gaps, or chipped, discolored, stained, or crooked teeth hold you back. With options of Durathin, Lumineers, conventional porcelain, or composite veneers, we can make your teeth even, straight, beautiful, and any shade of white you chose. They can even take years off your face! Whether you want a total makeover or a subtle enhancement, it’s all possible with veneers. Whether in combination with our Invisalign orthodontics, or alone, the best smiles seem to include veneers. You will flash that smile with confidence as you go about your life in Baltimore and beyond! The best part is they will brighten your smile for years to come. Porcelain Veneers resist stains better than your natural teeth or composite, however, composite is beautiful and takes only one visit. With appropriate home and professional care in our offices, they can last for decades. We see this result in our own patients since 1992.

So, what exactly are porcelain veneers?

Veneers are thin translucent shells, usually made of Porcelain, that are bonded directly to the front of the teeth. They are an exemplary conservative choice for enhancing your smile and they have become exceedingly popular due to their beauty, strength, longevity, and practicality. The process of custom veneers takes extensive technical skills coupled with attention to cosmetic detail. We routinely provide this treatment, and approach each case individually to correspond with, and embellish, the characteristics of each patient’s unique smile. All of our clients receive a “test drive” set of veneers to evaluate prior to the final set. This assures that we have met every one of your aesthetic expectations prior to the finished result. Now that’s about a reason to smile!

Will my veneers look natural? – YES!

How many of us have seen bad bonding, bad veneer work, or an ugly crown on a front tooth? Seeing other people’s smiles makes it apparent that average dental work is just not very appealing! How many of us have seen exceptionally created smiles? The best cosmetic and restorative dental care must be virtually undetectable and unbelievably natural. This is what Dr. Haywood is known for, and what we strive for in every case of treating our Pikesville, Towson, Lutherville-Timonium and surrounding area patients. Ultra-thin porcelain veneers remain naturally translucent and shiny, identical to natural enamel, even once bonded to the teeth. Only after we determine what your personal goals are and what your perception of beauty is; can we ensure the most appealing and natural result. We start with a smile evaluation on our imaging computer. Together with the doctor’s experience and creative eye, your desires and our artistry combine to define the “dream smile” you are envisioning. Veneers make you look like a ‘more perfect you’. Most people request whiter and straighter teeth, but Dr. Haywood insists on a natural, never-fake look for his work. Today’s veneers can actually reinforce and strengthen weakened teeth. For ultimate appearance, the way that porcelain veneers resemble natural tooth enamel cannot be surpassed by any other cosmetic treatment in the Towson and Pikesville areas.

Will I have to sacrifice my real teeth?

Many people are concerned that in order to get veneers they must lose the integrity of their teeth by having them ground down. You can rest assured that with the amazing technical capabilities we offer today, a veneer can be as thin as a contact lens, thereby ensuring that the veneering technique is the most reliable and conservative way to achieve the beauty and longevity of your smile. In fact, veneers can be like a suit of armor that just partially wraps around each individual tooth protecting and strengthening it. Unlike traditional veneers or “crowns” still placed in many dental “clinics,” our veneers don’t require having to grind down the entire tooth. Dr. Haywood only makes space for the material itself. Sometimes no tooth removal is necessary at all.

How durable are porcelain veneers?

With proper dental care, porcelain veneers have the potential to improve your smile for a lifetime. Dr. Haywood ensures that veneers from our Towson or Southern York County area practices are fabricated from the highest quality materials and are bonded to the teeth using the most innovative, proven agents. All of our dental porcelain work is hand crafted in the USA by specific master ceramists. This is important because much of our profession’s lab work is now being sent overseas to uncertified labs. The quality of our lab’s porcelain is unmatched. Of course, teeth should not be used to open objects or cut things, but, if a veneer becomes damaged accidentally, this damage can typically be easily corrected. (We warranty our veneers for one full year-no questions asked). The way you care for your new smile is the ultimate predictor of longevity. Ask us how we can help keep your veneers looking brand new.

How much do they cost?

Only you can answer that question. We can give you a number but the real question is how much are they worth and how much will that new smile improve your appearance and change the way you feel about yourself? It is safe to say that the money spent on veneers today can save you much more in dental costs in the future. While they are generally more expensive than resin bonding, they are more natural, will not break as easily, won’t stain or wear, and they can last a lifetime. The difference they can make to your appearance and self-confidence is priceless. They also serve to protect your teeth and turn back the hands of time. Again, because each case is unique everyone will get a different price. In our area (Pikesville, Towson and Washington, DC) a single veneer can range anywhere from $1,200.00 to $2,500.00. The reason that it is difficult to quote fees prior to assessment is that cosmetic dentistry is more complex than most people imagine, and is about more than just veneers. People say ‘veneers’ but really mean “a stunning smile that lasts for a really long time.” Our focus is on creating exquisite smiles and doing whatever it takes to achieve them. We will be slightly more expensive than other dentists in our area are.

How do you arrange for payment?

We will work with your budget to achieve the uncompromising results you deserve. Payment options, financing and pre-payment discounts are available. When it comes to complex cases, dentistry can cost more than you think. Creatively staging your treatment may be of benefit to you especially if you are using flex health spending accounts to help with your payments. The best value for your money is dentistry that will last. We will not compromise on your care in any way. If it takes some time to achieve completion of a comprehensive case then that is fine, we have worked effectively for many clients in this way. Our client coordinator is dedicated and proficient in helping clients achieve their needs and desires. In fact, she makes it her personal mission to insure that every financial option is examined so that everyone gets the care and attention that he or she deserves.

Please refer your friends!

Our smiles are worn proudly by some of the most beautiful and influential people in our area. Our greatest reward is an ecstatic client who has the confidence and trust in us to refer friends and family. Your referrals are our highest compliments. We’d love to give you a $100 gift card. Ask us! Thank you in advance! We routinely have a prize drawing from those who “five star” review us on social media sites. Please check us out online. We also will provide personal testimonials at your request!

Direct Bonded Veneers

As an alternative to indirect veneers, patients may choose direct bonding to restore beauty to teeth that have been cracked, chipped, discolored, or otherwise cosmetically impacted.

How does direct composite bonding work?

To enhance a tooth or teeth with direct bonding, surface enamel is slightly roughened and then chemically etched. This allows better adhesion of the bonding liquid. This liquid is applied and then cured through the application of high-intensity blue light. Resin ceramic material colored to match the surrounding teeth is then applied, and hand-shaped into the most appropriate shape and size. Multiple layers of this composite material are often used to mimic that natural appearance necessary for a beautiful smile. Once perfectly shaped, the tooth is trimmed and polished for a totally natural appearance. Through advanced skill, an artistic eye, and a great deal of experience, we are set apart in this area of cosmetic dentistry.

How do direct bonded veneers differ from Porcelain Veneers?

The main advantage of direct bonded veneers is that they can be hand sculpted on the spot and they are often the most conservative of our cosmetic procedures. They serve the same purpose as a porcelain veneer but they are considered to have a shorter lifespan. (8-10 years on average) They are softer and can stain over time. However, they will also serve to improve the overall appearance and integrity of your teeth and the improvements in materials should not make you feel hesitant about having them. Often bonding is used as a first step in preserving or restoring your smile and it plays a crucial role in developing the transitional smiles for our “extreme makeovers.” We like the creative process of developing customized composite veneers. Ask if they are right for you. Price $500 to $950.


We can complete the bonding process in a single visit, immediately and significantly improving appearance. This is a big plus! The material is easier to repair but is easier to dull by negligent brushing and they can chip easier if they are treated improperly. We suggest bite protection for any and all cosmetic treatment to protect your investment. We advise minimizing staining foods with bonded composite veneers and suggest whitening your teeth routinely, as it seems to maintain the vibrant white color we achieve when they are placed.

So give us a call at our Timonium dentist office today! We’d love to tell you more about our dental veneer options if you are in the Pikesville – Towson area!

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