Mercury Free Dentistry

Replace Old Amalgam Fillings In Timonium

white fillings vs amalgam fillings with a Mercury free dentist Towson MD and Pikesville

Mercury is a toxin that has been linked to several serious diseases. Some amalgam fillings have been known to contain mercury in small doses that have been proven dangerous to their recipients.

At Dr. Haywood’s practice in Timonium, we are very concerned about the dangerous effects of mercury and the way that it could impact your oral health.. We never use amalgam fillings or other materials that could be harmful to you, and we focus on creating meaningful solutions.

Enjoy Dentistry Services that are 100% Mercury-Free

When you come into our office, you can feel secure knowing that you have access to a mercury-free dentist who is dedicated to improving your whole health through meaningful dentistry services, including dental fillings you can trust.

At our Timonium practice, we create white fillings using a special composite that is tooth colored and completely safe. Many prefer our tooth colored fillings because they look natural and beautiful. Unlike amalgam fillings, our white fillings won’t stand out against your smile or draw unwanted attention toward your teeth.

Mercury-Free is a Part of Our Holistic Philosophy

Being a holistic dentist means being a mercury-free dentist. At our practice, we understand that the health of the smile and the health of the whole are connected. Before we perform any procedure, including dental fillings, we will determine the procedure’s effect on your smile, and you.

We won’t sacrifice your overall health in exchange for a service meant to improve the way your smile looks or functions. Our team is dedicated to improving your life through meaningful dentistry.

To find out more about our mercury-free practice, and the benefits of mercury-free dentistry, call us at our office today. We are proud to serve the Timonium area and the surrounding communities, including Towson and Pikesville.