Holistic Dentistry

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Your Mouth is an often disregarded entry point for toxins and potentially dangerous

Materials. Holistic dentistry focuses on eliminating the harmful bacteria and chemicals that can affect your overall health and wellness. We are specifically concerned about mercury in older fillings, nickel, fluoride, bisphenol plastics and periodontal bacteria and fungi that cause or drive at least 14 diseases and 4 known cancers.

Holistic dentistry in our offices means we understand how your oral health can affect your body and we know how to provide safe scientific solutions that go beyond how most dentists practice.

Enjoy The benefits of holistic dentistry from Dr. Haywood

Before our team performs any procedure, we want to understand your holistic health concerns. Wellness starts with absence of obvious disease. Taking the time to understand your needs and diagnose your specific problems is where we start. We are fundamentally opposed to mercury amalgam and uncontrolled oral infections. At our practice we do our best to help improve your life and health thru mindful holistic therapies.

Notice the difference- Exceptional Holistic dentistry

We pride ourselves in our scientific approach to holistic therapies that will need your needs as well as support and uplift you. We offer Clifford materials testing, safe amalgam removal, bacterial DNA testing, cone beam CT scanning of problematic root canals, non-fluoride enamel rebuilding, laser and ozone periodontal disinfection, safer white filling materials and so much more!

Call us today if you have any questions about our holistic approach and philosophy. We would be happy to set up an appointment for a thorough evaluation with our holistic dentist, Dr. Haywood. We serve all of Maryland with holistic dentistry. Call us today! We are close by in Timonium between Towson and Hunt Valley.