New Patient Info

Welcome to the practice of Timonium dentist Dr. Steven Haywood

A survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) reported:

  • More than 92 percent of adults find a nice smile to be a vital social commodity.
  • 88 percent report always remembering someone with a very attractive smile.
  • 85 percent believe that a less attractive smile diminishes one’s appeal to the opposite sex.
  • 74 percent believe that a less attractive smile can have a negative impact on career success.
  • Only half of Americans are fully pleased with their smile.

Practicing state-of-the-art cosmetic techniques, we are able to easily correct issues such as:

  • Poorly aligned teeth
  • Dull or discolored teeth
  • Worn down teeth
  • Uneven teeth, which may be too long or too short
  • Crowded or crooked teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Gapped or missing teeth
  • Teeth that protrude a little
  • Visible fillings or crowns
  • Exposed partial denture hooks

Your First Appointment

When we meet for the first time, we engage in an in depth discussion that enables us to understand your dental concerns and desires. In some instances, treatment can be completed at this initial appointment. However, a comprehensive evaluation of your dental needs is an important first step in providing the most suitable treatment. When the medical history is complex or a treatment plan needs to be devised based on the evidence we gather initially, a second appointment is typically made for discussing your options and scheduling to meet your goals.

MdConsult-08Personal Treatment Plan

With the exception of urgent restorative, cosmetic, or maintenance emergencies, an initial consultation focuses on getting acquainted, and on beginning the process of devising your personalized treatment plan. Taking this necessary time allows us to help you achieve your specific dental and cosmetic goals! Great dentistry is based on solid evidence and strong science.

Dental Exam

The beginning of exceptional care always consists of the careful evaluation of teeth and gums, and the assessment of general health. We also take x-rays, photos, and make models that will allow us to analyze your bite and potential TMJ issues. In many cases, simple solutions to a problem or goal are found. In complex situations, this type of careful analysis can save you thousands of dollars and avoid the mistakes common to those who take shortcuts in the process. We know you expect longevity. Careful and collaborative planning helps us exceed your expectations!

To facilitate a thorough initial evaluation, we ask that you consider the following prior to your first appointment:

  • How would you rank your smile or your ability to chew on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • Are there X-rays that we would find useful or medical information we should know about?
  • Consider what you would like to have for the health and appearance of your smile in 5 or 10 years. We want to meet your target directly and without a waste of time or resources.
  • Is fear a problem for you? Please help us understand how we will overcome this for you.
  • Bring a list of all of your questions and any pictures that help convey your wishes

IMPORTANT: A parent or legal guardian must be present during the consultation of a patient under the age of 18.

To enable the best possible care, please notify us of any existing medical conditions prior to surgical treatment (i.e. high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid fever, artificial joints or heart valves, etc.). It is also important that we are made aware of medication use, such as aspirin, anticoagulant therapy, heart medications, or any other prescription or over the counter medications.

If you have a special event and require some form of treatment at your first visit please let our staff know so that we can meet your expectations on your visit with us.

Insurance Plan Information – Financial options for finer care

It is important to us that you receive the finest care from our office, as well as financial options that work for you. The finest dentistry is rarely covered 100 percent by plans today. In fact, only about 13 percent of dentistry is paid by third parties. We work diligently with our patients for the maximum insurance reimbursement of covered procedures however, reimbursements are decreasing. Flexible payment options are available to overcome the limitations of even the better plans. We can help!

Our staff is experienced in developing acceptable financing plans and is happy to assist you, should you have questions or problems. We offer senior courtesies, cash discounts and larger case courtesies. We work with your health savings or flex plans, and feature several companies including CareCredit that offer 0% financing on approved credit. We also finance Invisalign brand orthodontics in-office after meeting your down payment. We offer smile gift cards for those that refer their friends and family. Contact us if you have questions or concerns pertaining to your initial visit, insurance benefits, or financing options.

We look forward to meeting you personally at our Timonium, MD office and building the beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted. Contact us to arrange your appointment with Dr. Haywood .