The Implant Bridge

When multiple teeth are missing in a specific area 2 or more implants can be used to replace 3 or more teeth by joining the replacement teeth together as a “bridge”.

In many cases each tooth that is missing is replaced with an individual implant “root” and individual tooth crown. Though this kind of plan is ideal in many ways, it is also the most expensive way to replace a series of missing teeth. Many of our patients choose to place just a few dental implants in the jaw and then support 3 or more teeth between the supporting implants.

Where do implant bridges work best?

  1. In the posterior where most or all of the back teeth have been lost
  2. In the front where 3 or 4 of the front teeth have been knocked out from trauma or were lost due to decay or gum disease.
  3. When people want restorations that act and feel just like natural teeth
  4. Where there has been a loss of gum tissue and avoiding extra surgery is key.

How much do I save if I choose a bridge over other options?

A bridge saves the cost of one or more additional implants and the fee for the supporting posts on each implant. The implant bridge can cost 20-30% less than having one implant for each missing tooth.

What are the disadvantages of implant bridges?

  1. You cannot floss a bridge of any kind without a floss threader.
  2. They can allow some food to collect under the bridge itself.
  3. If a bridge is damaged it is harder to repair than regular single tooth implants.

Our implant bridges are usually of the same quality as our dental crowns. Our dental work in this category have lifetime warrantees against breakage. They are extremely strong. Dental bridges may be screwed in place or they may be cemented in place. In either case, they can sometimes come off, In those situations patients who are current with their regular care will always have these appliances serviced for no cost.

When you want the finest implant dental care but have concerns about the overall cost of implant work these days Implant bridges can help many fit exceptional dental care like this into their budgets. Ask us more about how implant bridges can be right for you.