Oral Cancer Screening

mouth cancer prevention with oral cancer screening in Timonium Pikesville and Towson

Prevent Mouth Cancer With Your Timonium Dentist

At our practice, we genuinely care about you and want you to enjoy lasting oral health and wellness. Oral cancer is a serious and life-threatening condition that affects over thirty thousand Americans every year.

Early diagnosis of oral cancer increases the likelihood of a more successful treatment. At our practice in Timonium, Dr. Haywood can help protect you from the more harmful effects of mouth cancer by offering a regular oral cancer screening.

The Benefits of An Oral Cancer Screening

There are many important benefits to receiving an oral cancer screening, including:

  • Security. When you participate in an annual oral cancer screening, you can feel more confident and secure in your oral health.
  • Convenience. The process involved in an oral cancer screening is easy and doesn’t take much time. You can be screened for mouth cancer as a part of your regular general dentistry appointment.
  • Early Detection. If you are at risk for oral cancer, early detection is vital to your wellness and overall health. By detecting mouth cancer early, we can ensure that you get treatment as soon as possible and lower your risk.
  • Protection. Oral cancer screenings help you feel protected from the harmful effects of mouth cancer.

Oral Cancer Screenings with ViziLite

In our Timonium office, we use the latest ViziLite technology to identify abnormal cells or other signs of oral cancer. ViziLite uses a unique solution that will turn cell abnormalities blue so that they are easily visible using ViziLite’s advanced light. Using ViziLite, we can detect signs of mouth cancer in as little as ten minutes.

We recommend that all patients over eighteen get tested annually for mouth cancer. To find out whether you might be at risk, or to schedule an oral cancer screening, call us at our Timonium office today. We can provide an oral cancer screening for anyone in the Pikesville–Towson area.