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Tooth Whitening Options In Timonium

Actual Patient Dr. Haywood – Laser Teeth Whitening

Today, most of us are on-the-go a good deal of the time. We need to maximize our time as often as possible, even when it comes to dental visits or cosmetically improving our smiles.

Although having a stunning smile may be important to you, you may not feel you have the time or inclination to commit to two or three weeks of at-home whitening. In addition, the commercial whiteners that seem so promising often fail to deliver lasting results.

If you want to achieve your brightest smile in the least amount of time, then you will love the advanced treatment of laser power teeth whitening offered in our Baltimore, Maryland area dental practice.

White teeth make an attractive smile in Pikesville and Towson

Our Technique Of Laser Teeth-Whitening Achieves Extraordinary Results!

The process of laser power tooth whitening is not only highly effective, but also completely safe. Treatment begins with an in-office, thirty-minute chemical power teeth-whitening treatment and a subsequent application of the Argon laser for 1 to 2 hours.

This step significantly increases the rate and efficacy of the whitening agent, activating the hydrogen peroxide and prompting the dissolution of stains.

We were the first in the Timonium, Towson, and York County areas to use this teeth whitening method, and remain the most experienced in providing laser tooth whitening in and around Towson, Pikesville and Baltimore, Maryland.

Our results are unrivaled! Unlike Zoom, Brite Smile, and other competing products, laser teeth whitening reaches stains where they like to hide.

By using the Argon laser for teeth whitening, we help you realize your best and brightest smile in the quickest, most dramatic way. Your tooth whitening plan is customized to meet your specific needs.

get white teeth with tooth whitening with a Timonium dentist Pikesville MD


If your teeth are very dark, we can counsel you and inform you of your options. We have over 15 years of experience and can advise you appropriately. We’d love to help.

If you have a question regarding laser teeth whitening or want definitively white teeth, call our office. We can help you make an appointment with our Timonium dentist. Our dental office based in Timonium, MD has delivered quality teeth-whitening services to those who visit us from the city and other nearby localities such as Towson and Pikesville.