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We are proud to say that we offer a totally different dental experience. We keep teeth clean and healthy, and focus on your comfort. Let us give your teeth the attention they deserve! Please read about all the dental cleaning services that we provide in the area of periodontal dentistry that can make a difference in the longevity of your smile.

Periodontal Disease Services

The health of your gums (periodontal health) has been linked directly to serious health risks such as diabetes and cardiac disease. Evidence accumulated at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania lists at least 12 diseases and 4 cancers linked with periodontal bacteria.

Proactive (but gentle) periodontal care will minimize your risk of not only tooth loss but also of heart attack and these other diseases. The list of health effects from poor periodontal health continues to grow.

Do not be among the 60 percent of Americans who neglect their periodontal needs. One of our periodontist colleagues mentioned that long ago they reassured their patients that periodontal disease “would not kill them.”

This reassurance is not true today. The evidence is overwhelming. When you take steps to protect your smile by visiting us, you are also protecting your overall health and well-being.

Ninety-eight percent of our periodontal therapy is non-surgical and comfortable. Statistics prove you will live a longer and better quality of life if you prevent gum infection and its after-effects. Let us help!

Signs You May Have Periodontal Disease

Bleeding or receding gums, bad breath, or deep pockets in the gums mean INFECTION. It is as simple as that. Caught early and treated as a serious infection, gum infection can be managed and controlled but it can never be completely cured.

Our experienced hygienists take the lead in this treatment by identifying, explaining, treating and monitoring everything from the small, isolated areas of periodontal disease to the most severe and rampant expression of this devastating condition.

Treatment of Periodontal Disease

We use advanced ultrasonic irrigation, chemical disinfectants, antibiotic and nutritional therapies, visual mechanical measurements, and oral DNA testing to diagnose and treat gum infection and periodontal diseases.

Complete removal of periodontal bacteria is essential for complete healing. It takes an uncommon approach to your health to create this result and we have developed exactly that. We create health and periodontal wellness that may very well save your smile!

Advanced Gum-Infection Treatment Technology

dental cleaning with a dentist Timonium MD

Although removal of bacteria is the cornerstone of skillful periodontal therapy, advances in antibiotic technology and the method of application can helps us achieve amazing results for you. We believe in a thorough, comprehensive approach to your care.

By combining the most effective therapies and medication, we strive to assure success in treating gum disease. We incorporate one or more technologies in our treatments such as Arestin or Atridox site-specific antibiotics, the “Periodontal” Pill (Periostat), combinations of anti-microbial irrigations, and traditional antibiotics.

These treatments systemically clear your body of the pathogenic organisms. Oral DNA testing for dentistry allows us to identify which of the 11 most suspected periodontal pathogens is present. We can treat your condition more accurately this way.

The Importance Of Dental Cleaning To Overall Wellness

Staying free of dental disease is hard work, but with our help and your continued diligence, we are committed to a level of total body wellness unique in this country.

Ask us about the importance of the “oral systemic connection.” We are a committed, full service dental office offering periodontal dentistry (scaling and “root planing or “root debridement therapy”), periodontal maintenance, and routine hygiene care and cleanings. We have very high standards for health, and strive for zero bleeding/zero infection for you.

Lifetime “Super Sealants” For Cavity Prevention

We are possibly only one of a select few offices to offer a lifetime warranty. Cavities can be prevented by completely sealing the chewing surfaces and all pits and fissures of adult and children’s teeth.

This inhibits bacterial byproducts, simple sugars etc. from being harbored, thereby preventing cavities from occurring in the enamel. It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it’s painless. Super sealants are a great preventative tool.

Oral Cancer Screening and Vizilite

Alcohol, infection, HPV virus, and smoking are implicated in the onset of oral cancer. We have implemented the latest advanced screening tool for early detection of this potentially fatal disease. Early detection is critical.

No tool allows us to identify the treatable stages of oral cancer better than Vizilite. This innovative and inexpensive oral cancer screening technology is always available during office examinations. We also have non-surgical techniques for identifying cancer including t-blue staining and Oral CDX cellular analysis right in the office.

Anti-Cavity Treatments

Fluoride treatments and calcium rebuilding agents are recommended for clients of all ages, not just children. Decay rates have been proven to increase with age, and fluoride of all types, professionally administered, will strengthen and rebuild damaged enamel.

We also insist on lifetime fluoride therapy following extensive dental reconstruction or cosmetic work. It makes sense to shift protection into high gear!

As we age, we are taking more medications and experiencing changes in our mouths (drying) that set the stage for rampant root decay. Xylitol sweetener is used in mints and lollipops regularly to reduce decay risk.

Fluoride, in any of its many forms, is an essential insurance policy against these ravages. Ask us about the many specific products and treatments available today that can help you.

Bite Guards/Controlling Tooth Wear In Timonium

Uncontrolled grinding of the teeth destroys comfort, health, and appearance as we age. Left untreated, grinding wear could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. We’re all living longer, so it seems negligent of us not to address these unavoidable changes.

Recent studies show that as we live longer more than half of us will have our teeth deteriorate to the point it will affect our happiness (Jada 2012). All of our styles of guards are comfortable, clear, and specifically custom-made for you.

Protect your investment. Protect your beautiful, natural smile and healthy teeth for a lifetime. We believe you are worth it!

Exceptional Dental Cleaning By Your Timonium Dentist

We are an exceptional practice near Towson, Hunt Valley and Pikesville, and our high standards extend to all of our 60-minute cleaning appointments designed to optimize oral health. One full hour allows us to use our time, skill, and experience to protect your smile.

Utilizing all the advanced technology we offer, we can provide you the opportunity for optimal wellness. Don’t believe that quick cleanings at low-quality offices are the same. They most definitely are not!

Give us a call at our Timonium dentist office today to learn more or schedule an appointment!