Snap-on Implant Teeth

When most or all teeth are lost it can be difficult or impossible to eat even the softest foods comfortably.

Conventional dentures can result in sore spots on the soft gum tissues when used on harder foods or for an extended time. When implants are used to secure removable dental work like a full or partial denture, many difficulties can be alleviated and h2er chewing forces and comfort can be the reward.

Implants can be used under removable appliances and anchor them to the jaw wherever teeth have been lost. A snap-on set of teeth in our office means that a snap connector joins the removable set of teeth to your implant in your jawbone. These snap-on connectors are durable and offer a lower cost option when compared with fixed or “screw-in” dental implant teeth.

Full Upper Snap-On Implant Denture

Usually, we place 4 or 5 implants in the upper jaw, and a denture is made with snap connectors of 2 brands: we like Locator attachments and Equator attachments in our practice.

These premium attachments provide long-term success for patients who want the security of an implant denture at roughly a 30% savings over a comparable fixed implant set of teeth.

The upper appliance is designed in a horseshoe shape that does not cover the palate completely. This is a significant improvement over a conventional denture that will be significantly bulkier and will alter your sense of food temperature and flavor when eating. This is a very popular option for treatment in our offices.

Lower Full Snap-on Implant Denture:

Usually, we place a minimum of 2 implants in the lower jaw for the support of lower implant restoration. Implant placement is designed to spread the implants apart from one another so that the chewing forces are distributed over a larger area. This also helps ensure that the eventual denture does not rock.

However, 4 or more implants are often preferred to prevent the implant teeth from rocking forward or back. More implants also prevent the new teeth from collecting food underneath while chewing. Anytime we can limit movement in your new set of teeth you will achieve better stability and more comfort.

Generally, people choose the 2 implant retention options due to finances. More implants can be added over time in many cases as you can afford them. You can usually upgrade your implant denture when finances or the need for stability presents itself.

Partial Snap-On Implant Teeth

If you have teeth remaining that can be saved, it is always a good idea to keep what you have! Implant work does not require you to lose all your teeth, and we will want to keep all of your useful teeth if they can help support a good final implant solution.

In historical dentistry, we could only use clips and wires to link your good natural teeth with a set of replacement teeth called “partials” or removable partial dentures.
We have found that using implants to secure even partial sets of teeth is an excellent option for these reasons:

  1. The implants secure the appliance better than clips on a conventional “partial.”
  2. Clips on partials place stress on teeth that can ultimately cause you to lose the supporting tooth as well. Implant connections eliminate that possibility.
  3. If you lose a tooth in a conventional partial, you essentially will lose everything you paid for and will have to start over. If you lose a tooth in a snap-on implant partial you simply add another tooth. This is a much better way to look ahead and plan for changes that may happen with aging.
  4. Implant retention with snaps looks better. There are no clips or wires for you or others to see in your smile!

Implant Snap-On Teeth

These are excellent choices for those shocked by the high-priced implant solutions offered by large chain practices like ClearChoice. There are many other options and price points that we can offer in our practice that are not available in corporate implant schemes.

We have the personal experience, knowledge, and willingness to work out personalized and unique implant plans for all of our patients. You will not find these options elsewhere, so we look forward to helping you with your implant needs!