Sedation Dentistry

Conquer Dental Fears With Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide with a Timonium dentist near TowsonIf you are prone to nerves or anxiety when visiting the dentist, we can help! At the office of Steven W. Haywood, DDS, we offer sedation dentistry options to help you feel calm and relaxed so that you can get the dental care you need.

When you are relaxed, that facilitates a quick procedure and a speedy recovery. To that end, we offer various forms of sedation, including conscious sedation and IV sedation.

To suit your unique needs, we offer sedation in a number of forms, such as an inhaled gas, oral medication, or intravenous delivery with the help of anesthesiologists.

Laughing Gas Sedation in Timonium

This inhaled sedative is often called laughing gas, as it tends to make you feel somewhat giddy and euphoric, though not “out of it.” Laughing gas is delivered in a constant flow through a comfortable nasal mask, adjusted as needed throughout treatment.

In seconds, this gas effectively eliminates anxious feelings, allowing you to receive the treatment you need more comfortably.

Laughing gas is a safe and effective form of sedation dentistry for patients of all ages. Immediately after treatment is completed, you should feel fully alert, and you can drive yourself home safely, a feature that can make laughing gas more appealing than other sedatives.

Oral Conscious Sedation for Our Patients

Oral sedatives have been used as a form of sedation dentistry in our Towson-area dental practice with great success. The process of oral conscious sedation includes taking a pill the morning of treatment, usually an hour or so before your appointment time.

The sedative causes the central nervous system to slow down enough to promote calm, relaxed feelings. Similar to laughing gas, an oral sedative will allow you to remain conscious during treatment, but without stress or anxiety. Because oral sedatives remain in the system for several hours, it is necessary to have transportation to and from dental appointments.

nitrous oxide and conscious sedation in Towson and Pikesville

IV Sedation

Our Maryland patients are seen in our nearby PA office because we prefer to have an anesthesiologist perform moderate to deep sedation procedures with us. It has become the standard of care that deep sedation be monitored by a separate provider and we feel strongly that this is best for you.

We have, therefore, established relationships with qualified medical providers should there be that need. Deep IV sedation is often a considerable expense and therefore should be discussed with us far in advance. Scheduling also is at the discretion of our anesthesiologists.

Give us a call today to learn more about our sedation dentistry options or to learn how you can benefit from them! Have any questions about sedation dentistry, conscious sedation, or IV sedation?  Contact us today if you’re in Timonium, Towson, or Pikesville!