Front tooth implants

Losing  a front tooth can be one of the most troubling experiences for a person. The front teeth are critical for your smile and often play a part in a person’s self-esteem. Implants, bridges and removable partial dentures have been used for years to replace front teeth however implant replacement of missing front teeth comprises 98% of what patients want and receive for care in our offices.

Implants for front teeth- A higher level of care

Placement of front implants is considerably more difficult and can also be more expensive than posterior implants. The bone is often thinner and less dense than in other areas of the mouth. If a tooth has been missing for a long period of time or if a tooth never developed in a spot, orthodontics and grafting will be considered for your individualized treatment plan every time.  Smaller implants, customized, ceramic abutment posts, and computer guided implant surgery will virtually always be used for your treatment.  The upper front jaw bone (maxilla) is susceptible to rapid deterioration should a tooth be removed incorrectly, should a tooth socket fail to be preserved with grafting or should a poor implant placement result in loss and bone resulting in the need for more surgery and a different implant.

Causes of front tooth loss:

  1. Trauma- sports injury, fall or impact, childhood accident.
  2. Missing tooth from birth. Never came in.
  3. Failed root canals
  4. Fractured teeth due to failed “posts” used to strengthen teeth.
  5. Severe periodontal disease
  6. Extensive root decay as a result of dry mouth or high carb diet. 

Dental Implant Procedures

We are experienced in all phases of implant surgery to include bone and tissue grafting, computerized implant planning and guided implant surgery. Dr. Haywood  has an established cosmetic practice for over 30 years focusing on exceptional cosmetic dentistry, veneers and cosmetic implant care. We maintain the highest level of technology and training in our offices. We believe our service is second to none and our patients get exceptional results. Our products and laboratory work are sourced only from the USA and we only work with the finest technicians in the field for any cosmetic care.  

Each situation for a front tooth implant will affect your smile. It is important that your doctor know how the implant work you anticipate can be coordinated with other services to return to you the smile you desire and dream of.  Looking at the big picture and assessing your long-term goals is the way we approach each of our patient’s care. Knowing YOU makes all the difference. We hope be able to help you achieve your goals and return to you the amazing smile you once had or create for you the one you always dreamed of. We are ready to Help!