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Root Canal Therapy For Tooth Pain In Timonium

root canals for tooth pain with a Pikesville dentist Timonium MD and Towson

What is a Root Canal?

Each tooth contains a pulp chamber filled with living connective tissue. Your root canals are the tiny passages in your tooth roots that lead up to the pulp chamber in your tooth. Nerves travel up these canals and allow your teeth to experience sensations like hot and cold. When a tooth infection reaches the inner pulp chamber, it can affect these nerves and cause serious tooth pain. In dentistry, a root canal, or root canal therapy refers to a procedure that is used to save teeth that have experienced this level of infection and provide symptom relief.

The Benefits of a Root Canal

  • Save Your Infected Tooth | Before root canal therapy was available, when infection reached the tooth pulp, the infected tooth had to be extracted. With a root canal, we can save your tooth even after a serious infection, and preserve your remaining tooth structure.
  • Protect Your Tooth from Decay and Damage | After your root canal is performed, Dr. Haywood will cap your tooth with a beautiful porcelain crown. This crown will keep your tooth from being re-infected and protect it from any other decay or damage.
  • Prevent Infection from Spreading | If an infection is left untreated, the infection can spread to your other teeth. By treating your tooth with a root canal, we can prevent the infection from spreading to your other teeth, or to the bloodstream where it could cause serious health problems and other issues.
  • Relieve Tooth Pain | Patients who require a root canal often experience a chronic, agonizing toothache. Root canal therapy removes the cause of the toothache and completely alleviates tooth infection symptoms. After a root canal, patients are able to feel comfortable and relaxed again.

o find out more about root canals, call us at our Timonium office. If you’re experiencing a serious toothache, call us at our emergency number to schedule an appointment. We provide services for everyone in the Pikesville – Towson area.

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