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Is it time to get your life back in order? Call it Spring Cleaning. Call it a Hard Reset. It includes things like refill a prescription, change your furnace filter, get your oil changed, replace the lightbulb or stay on top of your dental health with a checkup with Dr. Steven W. Haywood in Timonium.

If you’ve been pushing dental work onto the back burner, maybe it’s time to just get it out of the way and move on to your other tasks. It’s important that we see you for a cleaning and checkup every six months; taking good care of your teeth is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Seeing the dentist twice a year is easy to put off. But it’s risky, too. You may not actually enjoy seeing the dentist, but not doing so is taking a big chance – not just with your dental health, but your overall health, too. The link between dental health and general health is by now well-established.

Here are three good reasons to see us twice a year:

  • A thorough cleaning. Having one of our dental hygienists clean the plaque and tartar off your teeth is, as they say, worth the price of admission. Even the most diligent home dental care can’t get it all.
  • Dental x-rays. When we take x-rays of your teeth, we’re able to identify problems we couldn’t see otherwise. The sooner new issues are seen and treated, the better.
  • Oral cancer check. Oral cancer claims thousands of lives every year. Early detection improves the chances of successful treatment.

Move through your to-do list today – change your oil, check. Replace that lightbulb, check. Make a dental appointment, check. It feels great! At Dr. Steven W. Haywood in Timonium, services include general and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule that next appointment today!

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