Healthy Teeth and Body: Holistic Dentistry

Healthy teeth and gums are an important component of your overall health. Dr. Steven W. Haywood in Timonium practices holistic dentistry, which views each patient as a whole: that is, the totality of dental, medical, and emotional well-being.

We are committed to being the most up-to-date dental practice possible. Our practice covers everything from holistic to cosmetic to general dentistry.

We are also committed to the safety of each patient. We recognize the danger of mercury in old amalgam fillings, and are a mercury-free practice. As a result, we can restore teeth with greatly reduced toxicity. We believe in conservative treatment and patient education.

No matter your age, caring for all of your teeth is necessary for total health in mind and body. Dr. Steven W. Haywood, your holistic dentist in Timonium, wants to keep you healthy and happy.

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