Teeth whitening in Towson

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Teeth Whitening:

Your teeth look at its best when they are white. A white sparkling tooth says much about your personality and confidence. A great looking smile does wonders and has a positive impact on the people and the community we live. But not everyone is gifted with a celebrity smile or with white shining teeth.

A recent study undertaken by a leading research organization has found out that nearly 75% of the Americans are not happy with their teeth and their smile. Many of them have dull and discolored teeth. Can they find a way to whiten their teeth? Can they have white glittering teeth? YES they can have a white shiny teeth by a procedure called as “Teeth Whitening”.

Teeth whitening are one of the best methods to whiten the teeth that are stained or discolored. There are many reasons for discoloration of the teeth. Lack of proper oral care, excess consumption of tea, coffee, soda, red wine, tobacco, genetics, age related factor and smoking causes extensive staining on the teeth over a period of time. The stains formed cannot be removed by ordinary brushing or cleaning. They need a special treatment by way of teeth whitening.

One can undertake teeth whitening at home or can visit a dentist. Though one can take up the teeth whitening procedure at home as per ones comfort and convenience, visiting a professional will be the best way.

What does tooth whitening involve?

Teeth whitening help to whiten the teeth that are stained and discolored. It restores the natural color of the teeth, removing the stains that are yellowish in color. Professional bleaching is the most sought after method of teeth whitening. Your dentist will assess you initially prior to teeth whitening to make sure the treatment is suitable for you. Then accordingly they will suggest various treatment plans and initiate the treatment. Whitening trays, gels, pastes, foams and powders are some of the most commonly used methods adopted for teeth whitening. Off late dentist have also come up with Instant whitening, Instant Zoom whitening, Power whitening where the patients can whiten their teeth within few hours. The results are immediately visible. The active ingredient involved in teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide.