The Advantages Of Prepless Or Minimal Prep Veneers

The Advantages Of Prepless Or Minimal Prep Veneers | When you are thinking about having that perfect, new smile makeover, the last thing you want to do is have your teeth drilled down, excessively altering the structure of your teeth irreversibly.  With no-prep or minimal prep porcelain veneers, the permanent solution can be bonded to the teeth with very little or no structural change to tooth.  Dr. Steven Haywood is an extremely accomplished cosmetic dentist and possesses the special knowledge and experience needed when it comes to preserving your natural enamel with minimally invasive procedures.  Veneers are technically a new layer of enamel that beautifully and conservatively covers chips, discoloration, damage from old fillings, and from just plain old wear and tear.  

Dr. Haywood has operated the Baltimore Center for Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry since 1992 and has changed the lives and smiles of thousands of his patients.  Passion for responsible and conservative cosmetic dental care has driven his leading-edge skills in the field of minimal preparation porcelain veneers.  He is pleased to bring PREP-LESS veneer expertise to the Towson, Hunt Valley, and Timonium areas.

Dr. Haywood’s practice has been focusing on cosmetic dentistry for over 29 years.  His office is located in the heart of Baltimore County, extremely convenient to Towson, Timonium, and Hunt Valley.  Traditional veneer and crown procedures frequently involve established protocols of tooth reduction that call for up to 50-70% of the enamel/tooth structure to actually be removed from your tooth.  Technology and artistry are combined in Dr. Haywood’s practice to develop innovative and minimally invasive ways to preserve your own enamel. 

It’s hard work and takes special training, expertise, and a specialty ceramist team member to provide this kind of elegant dental artistry.  Traditional porcelain veneers are still warranted and necessary only when no-prep or minimal procedures aren’t possible, due to factors like extensive prior failing dental work or excessive crowding.  In many no-prep veneers or minimal prep veneers cases, the solution can often last five to seven years longer than a traditional veneer due to the preservation of more of your natural tooth and because of less drilling!! 

In addition, local anesthesia MAY not be necessary, due to the fact that enamel is being removed sparingly.  Quite often, Dr. Steven Haywood even combines Invisalign treatments with veneers.  Moving the teeth into the ideal position for preparation-free veneers is the ultimate way to assure his patients that they are doing everything they can to protect your natural teeth under the beautiful, customized porcelain veneers that make up your amazing new smile. 

If a patient wants to close gaps and spaces, improve their smile, or strengthen and straighten teeth, then they may be a candidate for no-prep or minimal prep procedures.  This procedure will improve chances of durability and will “brighten”, without having to “whiten”.  Dr. Steven Haywood is an adamant supporter of responsible and conservative dentistry.  

When traditional veneers and crowns of any kind are installed, oftentimes the original enamel is re-shaped or altered excessively.  This is not reversible.  The foundation and core of that tooth may also lose strength.  Cosmetic dentistry is about more than appearance.  A great smile gives you the confidence to put forward your best first impression.  A healthy smile is also about the quality of life and enjoying nutritional foods comfortably without fear of damaging or staining the dental work. 

Porcelain Veneers of any kind are extremely durable, so go ahead and order any of those foods you enjoy eating.  No worries!  Minimally invasive techniques are a cornerstone of Dr. Haywood’s exceptional dental care these days.  If traditional procedures or surgery of any kind is needed, then the proper treatment plan is created, but invasive techniques as routinely taught in the dental profession need not be the first or automatic option.