The Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Holism is a philosophy where the entire person is considered, and it is acknowledged that all parts of the person correlate to each other. This includes physical, emotional, mental, and social factors. When speaking of dentistry, holism means all factors pertaining to the patient have significance. Disease, pain, infection are not the only things considered. Holistic dentistry might also be referred to as biological dentistry or biocompatible dentistry.

Instead of just treating the disease, a holistic dentist like Dr. Steven Haywood is concerned with the overall wellness and health of the patient. Dr. Haywood understands how your oral health can affect your entire body, and he provides safe, scientific solutions to address patients’ needs. This sets Dr. Haywood apart from the other dental practitioners in the Towson and Timonium areas.

Proper nutrition and elimination of toxins are just a couple examples of the expanded focus of holistic dentistry. Toxins and potentially dangerous materials can enter the body through the mouth. Dr. Haywood will help to eliminate harmful bacteria and chemicals. At Exceptional Dental Care, they are specifically concerned with mercury in older fillings, nickel, fluoride, bisphenol plastics, periodontal bacteria and fungi that cause or drive at least 14 diseases and 4 known cancers.

Dr. Haywood starts his process with a thorough evaluation of your individual needs and concerns. Each person’s oral health is unique, as well as each person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup. Dentistry, especially holistic dentistry, should involve a diagnosis and treatment plan that is fully customized for each individual patient. That is one of the major benefits of holistic dentistry. It is a flexible discipline that allows for innovative solutions to get you the best possible outcome short and long term. The last thing someone wants with medical and dental care is cookie-cutter service that is the same for each patient.

Focusing on natural interventions first, holistic dentistry is becoming more and more popular in many parts of North America. Some of the theories make perfect sense, even to the layman. One example- Root canals can trap dental bacteria inside the body. Shouldn’t there be another solution to the problem? Dr. Haywood and his staff pride themselves on their scientific approach to holistic therapies. They offer Clifford materials testing, safe amalgam removal, bacterial DNA testing, cone beam CT scanning of problematic root canals, non-fluoride enamel rebuilding, laser and ozone periodontal disinfection, safer white filling materials and more. They are fundamentally opposed to mercury amalgam and uncontrolled oral infections.

Dr. Haywood is the premier holistic dentist in the Baltimore area. Exceptional Dental Care is located in the heart of Baltimore County, extremely convenient to Towson and Timonium. If you are interested in the benefits holistic dentistry can provide you, call them for an evaluation and consultation. Contact the best holistic dentist to notice the difference, and enjoy the benefits.