Common Dental Emergencies and What To Do?

Common Dental Emergencies and What To Do? | Tooth pain can be unbearable at times.  In addition to being one of the most painful ailments one can suffer through, tooth pain can also be extremely serious, even a symptom of something life-threatening.  Our office will try it’s best to see patients suffering with oral pain as quickly as possible.  Dr. Steven Haywood will see current patients during the week or weekends, whenever they are faced with a dental emergency.  Dr. Haywood and his staff will see new patients during weekday hours only.  Again, when someone has an emergency, they shouldn’t wait. 

They will enjoy the best possible outcome when calling first thing in the morning or before the weekend begins. Unfortunately many patients wait to call us afternoons on Friday and late in the day when we are leaving from the office.  If it is a true emergency you need to call us EARLY!  Generally tooth pain will get worse with time when untreated.  IN MOST CASES , EMERGENCY VISITS ARE PAID AT TIME OF SERVICE AND WE WILL FILE YOUR INSURANCE FOR YOU.  IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN A DENTIST BEFORE, THE COSTS TO RECEIVE TREATMENT AND GET YOUR EXAM AND XRAYS WILL RANGE IN OUR AREA FROM $600 TO MUCH MORE. 

The Five Common Dental Emergencies and What To Do About Them?

  • A dental abscess is normally when the nerve of the tooth is infected with bacteria.  When uncontrolled, an abscess can cause bacteria to spread to the jaw, the mouth, and eventually the face, causing swelling from the infection.  The bacteria can spread further into the body, creating a life-threatening situation of brain abscess and restricted airway, requiring hospitalization. Extraction and root canal therapy by a dental professional are common treatments for a dental abscess. You need to see us right away.
  • A simple toothache from a broken or dislodged crown or bridge, deep cavity, sensitive gums, or a chipped tooth may be the least serious of the dental emergencies.  If the pain is manageable, a patient may not need to come in immediately.  Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Haywood would be a great first step. We will schedule an appointment to evaluate and then treat your toothache.
  • A  severe cracked tooth or filling can also be very painful and needs attention quickly.  A cracked tooth may be horizontal or vertical in nature and can often extend into the nerve.  A horizontal fracture can oftentimes be treated with restorative procedures, but a vertical fracture often splits the tooth right down the middle and may require the tooth to be extracted.  In this case the patient can explore solutions, such as a dental implant or a variety of dental bridges that can replace the doomed tooth. Dr. Steven Haywood is extremely experienced in dental implant surgical procedures.  You should call us immediately with a deep or severe fracture.
  • Acute TMJ disorders are focused around the jaw joint itself and the muscles that make the jaw work.  Frequently TMJ can cause migraine headaches, excruciating tooth pain, insomnia, neck and cervical pain. This negatively effects the entire holistic wellness of the patient.  TMJ pain is complicated by stress, however, it is a complex syndrome with many contributing factors.  Once we know your story we can diagnose TMJ dysfunction and propose reasonable medication treatments, orthotics and lifestyle changes.  Jaw locked open or jaw locked closed should be considered relatively urgent emergencies. Please call us immediately when TMJ disorders occur.
  • Facial trauma can sometimes be the most frightening type of dental emergency.  Interestingly, if a tooth is knocked out, it should be placed in milk to preserve it while you transport yourself and your tooth directly to our office.

In these cases Dr. Haywood advises reaching out right away.  The tooth may be saved.  Facial trauma may also include chipping a tooth or even breaking a jaw.  If a broken jaw is suspected, an immediate emergency appointment should be set with Dr. Haywood to perform a CT scan.  Athletic injuries, car accidents and personal injuries of all kinds may have implications away from the immediate site of trauma.  In every case, a full evaluation will be needed.  We can ususally handle most facial trauma in our office in an outpatient setting.  We can also judge your need for referral and further evaluation.  Call us immediately when you are injured.  We will help.

In conclusion, while varying in severity, dental emergencies can be unsettling and very painful.  Dr. Steven Haywood is ready to provide you with a full range of solutions that will once again bring you good health.