A smile is one of the most important social assets

A smile is one of the most important social assets and is often the first thing that a person sees and the last thing they remember about you.

We love seeing patients who have considered DIY clear braces online by companies such as “Smile Direct Club”. We have a better INVISALIGN product at the same cost. So why should you see us?

Let me share the story of a working actor, Delante, who has a movie project in March and wants gaps in his teeth closed. He got a plan from the DIY company and it was totally unacceptable and would have potentially lost him his role in the film

Having a dentist provide clear aligners means that we have ability to modify the teeth, place anchors and attachments, and of use elastics. The difference is considerable and this comes at the same cost as the DIY guys. Delante chose us and fortunately got most of his money back from “Smile Direct”

Orthodontics is life changing if done well. Doing it incorrectly is potentially a waste of money and harmful to your dental health. Don’t risk it.

We have been doing orthodontics in our offices since 1987. We look forward to speaking with you about clear aligners and how they can positively change your smile.