In January of 2019 researchers published a paper establishing a link between a common mouth bacteria associated with periodontal disease and Alzheimers’ dementia. The researchers noted the evidence that P. Gingivalis was found present in brains of Alzheimer’s patients and that it was formerly considered a specific oral pathogen. The bacteria excretes a toxin known as gingipain. This neurotoxin is responsible for folding neurons in the brain that is a characteristic of the disease.

The good news for the medical community is that we have evidence that allows us to properly treat patients and also to test and confirm the presence of P. Gingivalis in our patients. In our offices we are aware that there are 15 diseases and at least 4 cancers that are related to periodontal disease in general and we have an aggressive approach to achieve total oral wellness and absence of inflammation and disease . We perform a simple test to identify specific pathogenic bacteria in our patients and provide urgent and necessary treatment. Today the specific link to Alzheimers’ is a game changer!

We are the only office in our area providing bacterial DNA analysis and diagnostics to help our patients get rid of this health risk! The art and science has dentistry has changed in my offices. We invite you to experience exceptional dentistry and advanced solutions for 2019 and beyond. We care for those who care about their teeth and also about KEEPING their precious memories for their lifetime.

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