You may often hear the term Biological dentist used to describe a thoughtful approach to their patient care.  A biological dentist is not just going to treat the symptoms or pain a patient is experiencing, but they are going to find the root cause of the symptoms whenever possible.  They do this by considering all emotional, mental, and physical factors pertaining to this patient’s overall health.  Many biological dentists try to preserve teeth and avoid drilling when possible.  These days many patients are looking to biological dentists to repair damage done by some traditional dentists who advocate more aggressive therapies.

Dr. Steven Haywood practices dentistry at The Baltimore Center for Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, serving Timonium, Towson, and Hunt Valley.  He is one of the leading biological dentists in the region.  He is a natural dentist, yet makes sure he invests in the latest technology available to give his patients the customized care they deserve.  A natural dentist is another term for biological dentist.  An additional term used for this type of dentistry is holistic dentistry.  Holistic dental care involves combatting bite problems and gum disease, while eliminating toxins and promoting proper nutrition.  Modern and professionally approved scientific methods are combined with proven world traditions of natural healing taking the entire “self” into consideration. In each and every situation a biological dentist will and should advocate for responsible, non-invasive procedures whenever possible.  A biologic dentist must use approved and licensed materials in order to meet the requirements of their professional license and the standard of care in the profession.

Many patients these days are looking for dental alternatives.  They have had bad experiences with dentists who are quick to drill, or quick to perform a root canal.  Root canals generally have a rather poor success rate and many feel they are sealing up bacteria within the body.  This is just one example of a case where Dr. Steven Haywood will look at dental alternatives as a possibility to treat the patient.  Other examples of commonality among biological dentists include opposing the use of amalgam in dental fillings, the avoidance of surgical procedures when unnecessary, and even opposition to fluoride supplements and products in common over-the-counter dental products.  At Dr. Steven Haywood’s office, there is a real focus on using natural, organic, non-toxic, and biocompatible materials.  Most patients find it very appealing to use a dental professional who will be as non-invasive as possible while trying to maintain the natural oral and holistic health with materials that have been evaluated for their safety and biocompatibility.

Dr. Haywood finds it vitally important to ask patients about their diet, their medications, and habits that will negatively affect health. Negative Lifestyle choices may include alcohol or tobacco use but also involve overconsumption of sugars and acidic foods.  At The Baltimore Center for Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Haywood and his staff integrate the relationship between whole-body health and wellness and oral health. 

If symptoms are treated but the root cause of a problem is not, then the patient may be back in the dentist’s chair again sometime soon down the line.  This is psychologically damaging to the patient because they begin to feel that they may never be cured.  In addition, it becomes costly because the same problem is treated multiple times as it reoccurs.  Dr. Haywood would like to treat the patient once and once only for a specific problem. His goal is long-term wellness and stable oral health.  Safe materials are always used, not using mercury fillings being one example.  Minimally invasive techniques are always investigated as a first option if possible.  Laser therapy may be used instead of drilling.  And Dr. Haywood will perform biocompatibility testing to make sure there is not sensitivity to certain materials.  But probably the biggest positive difference in using a biological dentist, holistic dentist, or natural dentist is that they will educate their patients much more completely than a traditional general or cosmetic dentist.  It is not only important for your dentist to understand what is going on with your body and how it is affecting your oral health, but it is incredibly important for the patients themselves to understand.  It will be difficult to not repeat a lifestyle that is detrimental to oral health if one does not realize that aspect of their lifestyle is the problem.

Biological dentisty does not cost more than standard dental care however there are none who are involved with insurance plans. Better dental care like this is provided by experienced and qualified dentists who routinely operate at a level superior to that which low-cost dental plans will allow. Dr. Haywood’s staff is happy to help with your insurance but they are on contract with none.