Full Mouth Dental Implants

Unfortunately, some patients are fully edentulous, completely lacking teeth on one or both arches.  In addition, there are other times that Dr. Steven Haywood would recommend extraction of all remaining teeth based on irreversible conditions, or sometimes when a patient is just fed up with trying to fix teeth that have been troublesome far too long.  One very popular solution these days is full mouth dental implants.  A prevalent option for full mouth tooth replacements is fabricating a set of implant-supported teeth where a full arch prosthesis is fixed to 4 or 5 strategically placed dental implants. 

A dental implant is a screw-like component that is inserted into a patient’s bone and acts as a tooth root or, in this case, a part of the supporting foundation for all of the teeth on the upper arch, the lower arch, or both.  The full arch or full mouth procedure is extremely appealing to longtime denture users in particular.  Unlike dentures, a new set of teeth fixed to implants will not move around in a patient’s mouth. 

Also, a patient doesn’t necessarily need to remove or clean a fixed full arch prosthesis outside of the mouth.  One of the main appealing features for long-term denture wearers is the lack of the plastic plate that covers the roof of the mouth and alters both taste and speech.  Some people just can’t wear a traditional denture due to the “gaggy” feeling cause by the denture plate being far back in the mouth.  Full arch and full mouth implants feature a secure fit, comfort and minimal size that duplicate natural teeth better than anything else dentistry has to offer. 

There are many benefits of full arch or full mouth dental implants.  For one thing, a patient will have a very difficult time attaining maximum nutritional value from the foods they are able to eat, if they are or approaching an edentulous condition.  There are many foods that people without healthy teeth or gums are not able to eat.  Many foods are too difficult to chew without the force provided by stable teeth.  It isn’t very enjoyable if you are a steak lover and unable to eat steak because of pain and lack of bite force. Full mouth implants are sometimes spoken of as “permanent dentures”.  They really become another set of false teeth that actually look, act and feel like your own natural teeth. 

Another major benefit of full mouth dental implants is the cosmetic improvements you can request to be able to create a new fantastic smile.  An amazing smile is a huge social asset!  When old worn out teeth fail, they are yellow, chipped and often need more than laser whitening and veneers.  Your new implant-supported denture or full mouth implants allow you to envision and create (with Dr. Haywood’s experienced esthetic expertise) the smile of your dreams. 

The confidence, energy, and general health that are created by a beautiful smile are immeasurable.  The patient may enjoy a happy existence both personally and professionally due to the fact that they feel great about themselves, and they would like to be social and interactive without the embarrassment of falling dentures or failing old dental work and missing teeth.

A frequently asked question is what is the cost of full mouth dental implants.  This is a complicated question that requires more information in order to be answered.  Treatment plans are fully customized at The Baltimore Center for Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry.  Dr. Steven Haywood and his staff are fully prepared to examine and consult each patient about the implant treatment options available to them. 

Generally, the industry standard for full arch surgery and restoration for a simple case on 4 to 5 implants is approximately $25,000 per arch (maxilla, which is the upper jaw or mandible, which is the lower jaw).  This cost varies due to several factors.  The number of implants needed, the amount of work needed for restoration, the type of implant design requested, the health of the patient, and the quantity and quality of bone the patient has available are just a few factors that all determine the complexity of the case and the eventual cost.  But in the end, for the cost of a car you may own for 5 years, you can gain a lifetime of happiness, relief of pain and embarrassment, comfortable chewing, improved health, and renewed confidence.

Full mouth dental implants are often referred to as “All-on-4” implant restorations.  Clear Choice Dental Centers offers a limited range of services and is advertising in our market heavily.  We feel that the approach to implant-supported full arch restorations should be more comprehensive.  As the surgeon and the restorative dentist with ICOI Fellowship awards in Implantology, Dr. Haywood has complete control over the inception, design, surgery, and implant restorative plan needed to give you the quality and best implant dentist experience in Maryland and the Timonium Towson regions.

Guided implant surgery is key to creating the finest implants in Maryland.  Dr. Haywood and team use only the finest CBCT scan technology and implant guides to precisely position each foundational implant necessary for the patient’s specific needs.  We fabricate titanium bars and cobalt chrome internal substructures for the support of each full mouth implant case.  The technology today is truly amazing.  Don’t settle for less.   If cost is a factor, however,  there are multiple procedures that will fit into a modest budget.  Financing implant care is possible, however, there is no such thing as cheap dental implants.  Good care is always worth a fair fee.

Implant failures are rare, coming in at a historical 2% rate.  Prior to fabricating any final implant restoration, each implant will be torque-tested for strength and viability.  Should an implant not heal properly the first time, Dr. Haywood is an experienced implant doctor and routinely replaces that implant at no cost to you. The Baltimore Center for Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry backs up their work with conditional warrantees. They will always fashion a specific maintenance plan for your post-restorative care and discuss your responsibilities for cleaning and upkeep.  Nothing truly lasts forever but good implant dentistry is always a great value and can potentially last a lifetime when properly designed and maintained both at home and with necessary professional implant hygiene. 

Full arch implants, All-on-4 implants, snap-on implants, single tooth implants, implant bridges, cosmetic implants, mini-implant dentures, implant-secured partial dentures, Prettau zirconia implants and full mouth implants all are options in Dr. Haywoods’ full service practice.  It is our strong belief that there is an implant option for every patient at almost any price point.  They even make an amazing denture should the implant be cost prohibitive, even with our easy implant financing options. 

From a philosophical viewpoint, the true answer as to the value and worth (not just the cost of dental implant care) is a bit more abstract.  It could be considered priceless to a patient, like so many we know, whose lives have been positively changed regardless of the cost of full mouth dental implants. The answer could be that true net cost to the patient is nothing.  This is because the joy that enters their life supersedes the cost of any procedure.  In addition, the hypothetical medical and dental bills that they avoid could greatly exceed a full mouth dental implants cost.

In the Towson, Timonium, and Hunt Valley areas, Dr. Steven Haywood seems to be below the average cost when pricing out certain procedures.  And again, for the 100,000 or so residents of this area, the cost of full mouth dental implants near me is a search phrase without a simple answer.  Scheduling an examination and consultation with an experienced and highly trained implant dentist like Dr. Haywood will be the first step to any appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan for your specific needs.